Holiday in a mountain chalet


An experience in an alpine chalet between comfort and tradition

Mountains have always been the ideal destination for those looking for rest and coolness, slow rhythms and culture, outdoor sports and breathtaking natural beauties. Trentino is a prominent destination for mountain holidays and every year hosts many people in its beautiful valleys.

After the years of winter tourism boom, characterized by the realization of ski resorts and consequently the construction of hotels and apartments, there is now an increasingly important trend in Trentino mountains to enhance the traditional urban heritage of the valleys. In this context, in Val di Sole and Val di Non, and in particular in the neighboring Pejo and Rabbi valleys making part of the Stelvio National Park, several chalet have been restored through the recovery and restoration of the pre-existing structures, which were often in a state of ruin.

Our Campo Base travel agency has the mission of offering its customers sustainable tourism products, which are in harmony with the territory that hosts them. This is the reason why we are committed to enhancing this heritage of buildings strongly intertwined with the Alpine tradition, which have now become real gems of Trentino hospitality.

Staying in a chalet is the ideal solution for those who love Italian mountains and want to live them in the most authentic way possible, having an out-of-the-ordinary experience that is able to combine the thrill of staying in a chalet surrounded by nature with the comforts of a classic holiday home.

But what exactly is a chalet? And what can you expect from a stay in one of the chalet proposed by Campo Base?

Let’s find it out together!


What is a chalet?

A chalet is a typical mountain house that is generally built in wood and stone. Thanks to this, it results perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment.

In the past, these mountain houses were mainly intended for agricultural use and played a very important role in the life of farmers and peasants. In most cases, the ground floor was made of stone and housed a "stable" for animals and a small apartment for the peasant family, while the wooden section on the upper floor was the perfect storage area to leave the hay to dry.

Some chalet housed livestock from about September to June, when animals were taken to the mountain pastures by transhumance, while others had an even more peculiar function and were lived only in mid-seasons as an intermediate stage between the town and the pasture, and vice versa. This is the reason why most of them are located at intermediate heights between the inhabited centers and the alpine dairies. Their position is indeed enviable. Surrounded by green meadows, they are located in sunny and quiet places on the edge of the forest and away from busy roads at an altitude ranging from 750 meters to 1600 meters above sea level.

In full compliance with their history, they have recently been renovated and converted into houses for tourist and non-tourist use. In fact, environments have been adapted to offer an elegant and informal welcome, with all the comforts of a normal home but at the same time preserving the typical features and a warm atmosphere thanks to the use of wood with which the surfaces are often coated.

A chalet holiday allows you to live the authenticity of the local culture staying in contact with nature, and at the same time experience a wide range of outdoor, cultural and family activities in the Sole and Non valleys.

A chalet also gives its guests the opportunity to be completely independent, without having to follow pre-established times typical of other accommodation facilities.

Which kind of chalet can you rent?

Our chalet are independent, with outdoor spaces for exclusive use, or semi-independent when they host more than a residential unit, each with independent entrance. In the latter case, external areas are generally shared. They are the ideal solution for families who want to spend a holiday with friends in the same building but maintaining their privacy.

The number of beds in each unit varies from 2 to 8.

Living a holiday in a chalet is a possible experience all year round. Each season offers strongly different landscapes with unforgettable shades. With the change of season, the experiences to be lived in the valley are also renewed, from winter sports to the infinity of activities offered in summer, passing through the clear and colorful days of mid-seasons. In autumn, for example, do not miss the opportunity to attend the show of the bellowing of the deer with organized activities in the company of the expert guides of the Stelvio National Park.
However, some chalet cannot be rented during the cold season as they do not have heating.

The outdoor areas are equipped with tables, deck chairs and a barbecue.

In most of chalet, bed linen and towels are directly provided by the owner.

In some chalet you will not find kitchen linen (tea towels, tablecloths), detergents and the welcome kit.

In the chalet profiles on our website you will always find updated information on the rental price, any extras to be paid on place and the available services at each chalet.

Find out the best chalet for you!

Our chalets are furnished with all comforts. A kitchen equipped with dishes, pots and glasses is present in each mountain house. You will also have a wide range of appliances available. All services are indicated in the chalet profiles and they differ from house to house. Visit our website to find out which chalet can fulfill all your need. You will find all types of chalet: we even have one equipped with a Turkish bath with aroma-therapy!


What if you don’t know which chalet to choose?

Our experience is available to respond to any request regarding the most suitable chalet for your next holiday in the mountains. It will be our pleasure to respond as quickly as possible to any of your needs!

Even during your stay at the chalet our team will always be at your disposal for any doubt or tourist information, which will be perfectly tailor-made according to your family needs. 

You will also have direct contact with the chalet owner, who will be able to convey all his love for the mountain house and the surrounding area, as well as being at your disposal for any "technical" issue with the building.


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