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the best experiences for your chalet summer holiday




Val di Sole, in Trentino, is the ideal destination for a summer holiday in the mountains. Before discovering the 10 best activities to fully experience it, we want to give you 3 reasons why Val di Sole will be your home for the next summer holidays.

  1. PEACE – in Val di Sole you can find your corner of peace even on the busiest Sundays and weeks of August. The territory of the valley is very extensive and rich in woods and mountains. For this reason it is always possible to immerse yourself in the joyful silence of nature, which is only broken by the chirping of birds and the daily life of the alpine fauna. Obviously in the busiest moments of the summer this means giving up visiting the most famous and desired destinations, but the beauty of virgin nature and the energy it transmits completely repay you and can themselves be the goal of your holiday.

    Furthermore, by staying in one of our chalets, you will already be isolated and immersed in the woods, with the possibility of visiting it on foot without having to take the car.
  2. A HOLIDAY FOR EVERYONE - Val di Sole offers experiences for everyone: from the more adrenaline-pumping and technical so desired by wild mountain lovers to the pleasure of enjoying outdoor activities together with the whole family. Some services such as the cycle path with the train for transporting bikes, rafting and forestry roads that can also be traveled on with a pushchair/pram, make Val di Sole a truly accessible destination. Among the most popular family-sized activities, we find the riding stables with gentle and relaxing horseback rides through the woods of the Val di Sole.Furthermore, the accommodation facilities have many years of experience in welcoming children, and we at Campo Base are no exception with chalets and mountain houses ready to meet the needs of children of all ages. But Val di Sole is also the realm of the outdoors. There are therefore many adrenaline-pumping experiences that you can live: conquer the most beautiful peaks of Adamello, the Brenta Dolomites and Ortles Cevedale mountain groups, tackle the adrenaline-pumping downhill descents on a mountain bike and even paragliding to enjoy the view of the mountains from a new perspective.
  3. EXCELLENCES OF NATURE1 Unesco world heritage, 2 natural parks, 4 mountain ranges and the best river in Europe for rafting. Val di Sole is a real "excellence of nature" and contains in a small area everything one could wish for from the mountain: the Brenta Dolomites certified as a world heritage by UNESCO, the Stelvio National Park and the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, where the exercise of protection and enhancement of the territory has preserved natural beauties and cultural traditions, the mountain ranges of the Brenta, Adamello, Ortles and Cevedale and the Noce river, the best in Europe for rafting according to National Geographic. All this gives to Val di Sole an incredible biodiversity and gifts visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in completely different panoramas by moving just a few kilometers.


If you have already fallen in love with Val di Sole, you certainly cannot wait to know what are the best 10 things to do in the valley during summer.

Let's find out together!


Itinerari trekking trentino - dolomiti di brenta

The main activity in the mountains is hiking, and Val di Sole is no exception.

There are many walks that can be undertaken, from the simplest ones that start directly near the urban centers to the more demanding excursions at high altitude from one hut to another.

However, high peaks are not exclusive to great climbers. Indeed, thanks to gondola lifts, reaching the 3,000 meters of Presena and Val della Mite in Val di Pejo is in fact possible for anyone! Furthermore, the lifts can give you a comfortable "ride" to reach the start of a path and enjoy beautiful excursions above 2,000 meters without having to walk for hours among the vegetation. It still, however, that reaching the destination after a tiring walk is the real feeling of satisfaction that only mountains can give!

Furthermore, the presence of 4 mountain groups and 2 natural parks offers the possibility of walking in ever new landscapes, each with its own unique beauty.

Among the most sought-after destinations for walks in Val di Sole are the alpine lakes, crystalline mirrors of water that each reflect the high peaks and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes in their own way. Caprioli lake, Malghette lake, Covel lake and the fantastic 5 lakes tour in Madonna di Campiglio are probably the most famous of the over 100 lakes that populate the mountains of the valley.

At high altitude you will find many alpine huts and mountain dairies, the pride of the Trentino mountains. Hut managers are real guardians of the mountain and lovingly manage the huts, all equipped with a restaurant and dormitories for overnight stays.


Fat wheels are one of the hottest trends and thanks to the advent of pedal assisted bikes, more and more people are approaching the discipline. Val di Sole is the bikeland par excellence and here you can practice the biking activities most in line with your technical skills and your interests.

For families with small kids you have the cycle path, 35 km of paved path for the exclusive use of cyclists and pedestrians that connects Cogolo in Val di Pejo with Mostizzolo in the lower valley. The cycle path can be tackled by (almost) everyone and the little ones can be transported with a child seat or trolley.

As mentioned, Val di Sole woods are full of various forest roads and many well-kept and maintained paths. Many of these are set up to be visited cycling with e-bikes (and obviously also with mountain bikes if you are well trained). In this way, even the less experienced bikers have the opportunity to visit the woods on a bike discovering alpine dairies and other treasures. But be careful: e-bikes have a significant weight and descents should be tackled with care only by those with a good sense of balance on the two wheels.

Last but not least, Bike Park Val di Sole offers three adrenaline-pumping tracks to all downhill lovers. Among these we find the famous Black Snake, which every year hosts the DH World Cup competitions.


The Noce River has been ranked by National Geographic as the best in Europe for rafting and hosts many river sports. Rafting is certainly the most loved and accessible activity. In fact, to board the raft you just need to be over 6 years old. Local rafting centers offer easy descents to families, while more adrenaline-pumping rides on the Noce river are available for groups of friends.

In addition to rafting, more niche sports are available, such as canoeing and canyoning, always offered by the valley’s outdoor centers.


Val di Pejo is a side valley of Val di Sole, in the Stelvio National Park. Surrounded by the highest peaks of Ortles-Cevedale, the valley will surprise you with:

WILDLIFE AREA: the icing on the cake of a holiday in the mountains is being able to observe the wildlife. Adults but above all children dream of realizing the longed-for sightings and the Stelvio National Park is the right place to make the dream come true. Deer and roe deer are the most common animals in the woods surrounding the small towns of Val di Pejo. Moreover, here there is a beautiful wildlife area, managed directly by the National Park, where animals unable to live in captivity are cared for by the park's expert operators. A magnificent experience to bring children into contact with nature in a safe environment with a strong educational value.

PEJO THERMAL BATHS: curative but also relaxing and funny, the Pejo thermal spa is the ideal place to switch off.

AT 3,000 METERS BY GONDOLA LIFT: the majestic Pejo 3000 gondola lift will make you fly through the clouds until you dominate the Val de la Mite from the top of its mountain.

VISIT TO THE SHARED OWNERSHIP DAIRY: Val di Pejo hosts the last working shared ownership dairy in Trentino, which represents a real piece of history that still lives. A visit is therefore a must, especially for those who love milk and delicious dairy products!


Together with Val di Pejo, Val di Rabbi forms the Stelvio National Park in Trentino and represents one of the most evocative valleys in all the region. Spending one day of your next summer holidays here will be mandatory. And here's why:

KNEIPP PATH: located near the small town of San Bernardo, the Kneipp path is the ideal solution to completely switch off and regenerate by walking barefoot on the various surfaces. As in the rest of the valley, the main element here is water and it will envelop you in all its forms.

THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE OVER THE RAGAIOLO WATERFALLS: one of the symbolic images of Val di Sole, the suspension bridge attracts more and more visitors every year. Crossing it is safe and fun for adults and children, and offers breathtaking views.

RABBI THERMAL SPAS: as mentioned, water is the absolute symbol of Val di Rabbi and thermal water gives life to the thermal spas. Health, well-being and relaxation are the distinctive elements of the thermal spas, capable of regenerating body and soul to better face the return to daily life.

A TOUR AMONG VAL DI RABBI ALPINE DAIRIES: Val di Rabbi is renowned for its beautiful and renovated alpine dairies! Malga Stablasolo, Malga Fratte, Malga Maleda, Malga Monte Sole: all offer a restaurant service during summer. And if you can't reach them walking, you can rely on the efficient public transport service of the Stelvio Bus!

FRUSCÌO SOUND PARK: after having stimulated the other senses with breathtaking views, tasty fragrant dishes and sensory experiences, we just have to delight our hearing. The Fruscìo Sound Park is a surprising journey through nature. Immersed in the woods, you will be surprised by the "musical" installations of this peculiar park.


In Val di Sole you will not only find natural excellences unique in the world, but also lots and lots of fun! Obviously always in the middle of nature!

In the valley there is an adventure park where young and adults can enjoy themselves at best. From 3 to 99 years of age, everyone can soar in the air at heights of almost 20 meters on the most adrenaline-pumping and technical routes.

The adventure park is the ideal solution for those who want to take a break from hiking outings and more demanding sport activities to experience a day of super fun in the company of the whole family.


Val di Sole is the family-sized resort not only for the accessible outdoor activities, but also for the strong educational value of the many cultural poles that have developed in the valley especially in recent years.

Perhaps the most fascinating are the castles. San Michele castle in Ossana and the castle of Caldes surprise with their beauty and host cultural events. In particular, first-rate exhibitions are organized in Castel Caldes, which range from art to photography and often represent themes concerning the alpine territory.

MMape - Mulino Museo dell'Ape is a small museum that introduces adults and children to the world of bees and honey in a fun and educational way. This is just one of the many examples of small cultural gems strongly connected with the area and local food and wine culture.


The merging of Italian and Tyrolean food and wine traditions gives life to the strong flavors of Trentino cuisine, which are enhanced in the Val di Sole alpine dairies and restaurants.

The typical restaurants, excellently represented by alpine dairies, will delight you with traditional dishes: canederli, goulash, polenta, cold cuts and cheeses, strudel and much more.

These are flanked by more sophisticated restaurants, where the local and seasonal raw materials are reviewed in a modern key and in line with the food and wine trends of the moment.


Do you love adrenaline and don't want to miss anything, absolutely anything, from your holiday in Val di Sole? Then all you have to do is fly! Exactly, you got it right. Paragliding is possible in Val di Sole so that you can enjoy its beauty from an extreme and unparalleled perspective.


Have you ever wanted to fish marble trout, brown trout and char in alpine streams and lakes in a completely sustainable way? Val di Sole will allow you to admire splendid panoramas and at the same time enjoy particularly fish-rich waters.

130 km of streams, 13 alpine lakes, 3 no-kill fly-fishing zones, 2 trophy fishing zones for artificial baits, 2 no-kill fly-fishing reserves on request (max. 2 fishermen per day), 1 tourist reserve with extensive trout farming, and a sports fishing lake. An incomparable offer for fishing and mountain lovers, for an enjoyable and eco-friendly experience.

And now, only you are missing!

Val di Sole awaits you with all its outdoor beauties!

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