Val di Rabbi

Spring in Val di Rabbi
Spring in Val di Rabbi

Val di Rabbi is a side valley of Vale di Sole and is one of the most characteristic settings of the Trentino region  both for its natural aspects and its unique man-made features.

It could be called “the jewel of the Alps” with its woodland and green pastures but mainly for its mountain chalets that preserve a picture of times long gone by.

A distinguishing feature of its landscape is the presence of water in its many forms: Streams, brooks, torrents, waterfalls and small mountain lakes.

Springtime in Val di Rabbi is an explosion of colours… from the white of the snow-capped mountains, to the infinite shades of green of the trees and pastures, to the endless yellow fields of dandelions, to the crystal-clear blue sky… while in the autumn the dark green of the spruce and fir trees clashes with the yellow and orange of the larch trees.

 “…here you can still get the feeling of a time gone by when man and nature respected and protected one another…”

Immersed in nature, in a peaceful world of silence only to be gently interrupted by the echoes of ancient traditions that have almost been forgotten.

The natural and environmental heritage of Val di Rabbi, protected by the Stelvio National Park, makes up a scientific typecast for an Alpine region.

The Thermal Spa of  Rabbi, is also an important part of the complete offer proposed to tourists on visit here.

The occurrence of the many traditional buildings, some of which are of great architectural and anthropological value, for example even the restructured chalets of “Mas de la Bolp”, “Mas del Toni” and “Baita Piegiorgio”  indicated by Campo Base, are really an extraordinary example of the interaction between man the local environment.

Val di Rabbi is a valued alpine territory, both beautiful and exclusive, and is well able to contribute to the completion of the offer proposed by Val di Sole and Trentino as a innovative and complementary alpine reality.

Campo Base sustains the "Turismo di Comunità in Val di Rabbi" Project (Community Tourism in Rabbi Valley) as a new form of active hospitality for guests within this specific Alpine area. Cecilia, from the Campo Base team has always been strongly linked to the Valley of Val di Rabbi, participates actively in the planning and concepts of the proposals for innovative holidays, through networking and synergy which is essential to alpine valley lifestyle. Here's the project.



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