Val di Peio

Val di Peio vista sul Monte Vioz
Val di Peio vista sul Monte Vioz

The mountains are always very generous. They always give me unique sunrises and sunsets; the silence is broken only by the sounds of nature which in turn make it even more alive. (Tiziano Terzani) 

The valley of Peio welcomes its guests to the mountains with its strong open arms, and this solid sense of welcoming and protection will characterize your amazing stay in this charming valley.

The scattered little settlements of the valley are in total  harmony with the nature of the Stelvio National Park and create a perfect situation for going around discovering some of the local culture and antique mountain traditions:  the Caseificio di Peio (the last existing example of a Timeshare Dairy in Trentino), the museum of the White War (Guerra Bianca) and the antique Sawmill of Celledizzo are just some of the pearls of the Peio Valley!

The beneficial properties of the local water, which were already recognized in the 17th Century and even known on an international level since the 19th Century are still to this day exploited in the modern Thermal Spa, which proposes therapeutic treatments as well as straightforward wellness and relaxation for its guests.

Another aspect of importance in the valley is the “Peio 3000” cable lift: one of the most modern ski lift systems of the world which allows you to reach 3000 metres of altitude in just a few minutes and an then after enjoying the view lets you enjoy a thrilling descent on the 8-km of slopes.

The ideal place for a magical holiday of  tranquility and comfort of the whole family, but also thrilling adventures in the mountains both in the summer and winter months!

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