Veduta di St. Moritz

Choosing a starting point for a visit to Switzerland can be very difficult, as it’s all worth visiting!

The small mountain towns can be just as charming as the various cities spread out over Switzerland’s cantons, and the lake districts are as enchanting as the high-mountain regions. Even though it’s relatively small county, Switzerland, can offer an unforgettable array of interesting peculiarities and some breath-taking scenery to anyone who visits.

We can randomly start by talking about Bern, the capital of the Helvetic Confederation, where you can sense the history of rich families and great artists like Paul Klee – whose collection is usually shown at the Kunstmuseum.

Then you get a glimpse of the unique landscape around St. Moritz, which explodes into amazing colours during the autumn months which are reflected onto its alpine lake, but if we have to start talking about lakes we have to start with Lake Constance and even more so with  Lake Geneva which was the main tourist attraction of famous people in the past and which is still very popular with tourists today.

We could also cross over the Bernese Overland and catch a train that will bring us to the Jungfraujoch Pass and from here we will have a view that stretches from the Jura mountains to the Vosges mountains and even up to the Black Forest.

Just a little more art, well-being and sweets: by walking along the city walls of Bellinzona you will see some medieval castles, recognised as a world heritage sites by UNESCO; then, in a charming and peaceful little nook of the alps you’ll find the Thermal spa of Vals; and to finish it all off try a tasty piece of hazelnut chocolate from Confiserie Walder at Neuchâtel.

And last of all we get to our true passion: skiing in high altitude! Gstaad, St. Moritz,  Davos, Verbier, Zermatt, so make sure you come well-prepared physically as in Switzerland there are over 70 peaks that go over the 4000m mark.

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