Piemonte Region

Piemonte and Monviso - Photo by Daniele Gallo
Piemonte and Monviso - Photo by Daniele Gallo

The region of Piemonte is like a puzzle made up of a thousand pieces, with each piece being essential in creating a complete image of it!

Just like a roman mosaic : valleys closed in by towering mountains of the maritime alps right up to Monte Rosa at 4634m a.s.l.; Regional natural parks like Capanne di Marcarolo and Alpe Devero -  and national parks like Gran Paradiso and Val Grande; The Langhe areas of Roero and Monferrato: an endless landscape of hills covered in vineyards that produce great wines like Barolo and Nebbiolo d’Alba; vast flatlands that are often cultivated with rice fields, make this region one of the leading producer of rice in Europe.

Water also being a main element present here, the Po river originates from the foot hills of Monviso Mountain, the  famous lakes of Lago Maggiore and Lago d’Orta; A rich cultural heritage immortalised in its cities, historical houses and gardens, medieval castles and forts, villas and museums;The sacred and religious abbeys and churches that still preserve sacred relics like the Shroud of Turin, convents and isolated hermitages that were the inspiration for Umberto Eco the author of the book entitled “ In the Name of the Rose”; The cuisine; the traditional desserts and pastries are sought after all over the world like the Gianduiotti and the Baci di Dama.This region is a place where different cultures met, though being a truly Italian province it did however absorb a French influence, where the Resurgence started for the unification of Italy and region of the first capital.

The alpine valleys and mountains are the main essence of the region and are a very appealing destination for all sports enthusiasts.High altitude biking  and excursions of varied difficulty are found in every valley, and link up together to form the Via Alpina: A route of mountain paths of about 1000 km, that goes from Monviso Mountain to the valley of Val Formazza, sprinkled with mountain lodges.Steep climbs by bike in the search for some of the most famous mountain passes like Colle di Tenda and Colle del Sestriere, which are always appreciated by mountain bikers.

When it snows the Alps of Piemonte are transformed into the “Galassia bianca”, the White Galaxy, a World of snow where you can do all the winter sports you want. Over 1300 km of ski slopes and 58 ski stations: from the Olympic one of Torino 2006 to the Valle di Susa with its Milky Way (Via Lattea), going through the valleys of Cuneese with  Limone Piemonte, the valley of Val d'Ossola and Pian di Sole.

Nordic skiing enthusiasts and organise amazing excursions in discovery of these places thanks to the numerous routes and trails that connect the various valleys. Then after passing through some Occitan villages, wide valleys and the narrow canyons of Val Maria ( with over 100 itineraries),  and on reaching the peak all that’s left is to free-ride down the thrilling slopes and descents.

Ice-climbing enthusiasts just have to bring their crampons and picks to climb up the frozen waterfalls of Valsesia, then you can even go dog sledding with Huskies or on a quieter note go on a snowshoe outing through the enchanting woods.

The region of Piemonte and Campo Base offer many opportunities all year round!


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