Norvegia: fiordi nelle Lyngen Alps
Norvegia: fiordi nelle Lyngen Alps

The natural beauty of Norway gives the feeling of being in a fairytale, it’s almost dreamlike. Its narrow and long shape is the reason why the northern and southern parts of this country are quite different from one another . 

The south of the country has a moderate climate and an undulating landscape with enchanting forests and small ports that crowned with beautiful white wooden houses, which is different from what you’ll see in the north, beyond the Arctic Circle, where the horizon spreads out wider, the temperature goes down and the vast forests are replaced by tundra and mountains, reaching over a thousand metres in altitude, that slope right into the sea.

While in the north, during the summer, the sun never sets and in the winter the magical aurora borealis lights up the sky.

The genuine Arctic landscapes and the Svalbard islands are waiting for you…a quick fact that will give you an idea of what it’s like…..there are 3.000 polar bears and just 2.500 human being!

Though the main feature in this region has to be the chiselled coastline of countless fiords, many of which penetrate deeply inland, extensive surfaces of water that reflect the surrounding mountains and glaciers. Norway also the country of snow and skiing in all its forms, being where Telemark skiing was invented, the free-heel (bent knees and straight back) skiing technique aimed at curving through the snow in a more natural way.

The holidays organised by Campo Base will allow you sense the perfect mix of snow and sea, imagine putting your skis on directly on the beach, reaching some of the most beautiful snow-capped peaks of the Lyngen Alps and enjoy their incredible views, then skiing down the mountainsides on perfectly transformed snow to directly arrive at the moored boat and then relax have a sauna or a cold swim in the Norwegian Sea.

You’ve got to try it to believe it!

Useful information

You need a valid Passport/ Identification document for going abroad. Even though Norway is not part of the EU, it is part of the Schengen Area since 2001, so the accepted travelling identification documents are your passport or any identification document legal for travelling abroad (valid during your entire stay in the county).

Heath Aspects

The local heath services and facilities are generally very good.

They are quite strict with the selling of medicine. Though basic kinds of medicine are easily acquired. The list of prescribed medicines in Norway may be different from the Italian one, while regarding the carrying medicine for personal use with you, Norway abides by the same laws as Europe. Italian citizens that are only staying temporarily in Norway (for studying, tourism, business or work) can count on the local health system for anything, if they have a European Health Insurance Card.

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