Fantasia di colori tra i souk del Marocco

Morocco is a romantic and mysterious country, filled with the smells of spices and incense, a country with an imperial history which offers the sea, desert and even the mountains…

It’s also a country of surprisingly beautiful landscapes, which is even more breath-taking if you let yourself be taken in by the splendid colours, perfumes and spicy local foods.

So first of all let’s head straight into the of the Medinas of the imperial cities, and let yourself be taken away by the charming atmosphere of the Suk: a meeting place and a market where it is possible to find hand-woven clothes, carpets, ceramics and jewellery as well as dates, sweets and an array spices…..and yes.. even snake charmers!! All these things can be found in the old cites of Fez, Marrakech, Rabat e Meknes: cities that have seen days of splendour thanks to the numerous reigning Islamic sovereignties which have picked these cities as their home during the past.

And don’t be surprised if some of the city’s architecture doesn’t exactly fit into the rest of its surroundings, because you have to keep in mind that over history there has been Arab, Spanish and even French influence in these cities especially in Meknes e a Rabat, and now they use these rarer buildings as art galleries, restaurants or wine bars.

Now we’ve just got started:  Morocco consists of desert, sea, forest, maintains…so it’s up to you to choose!! From the beaches on the Atlantic coast - ideal for those looking for waves, to the most intimate little bays of the Mediterranean; then you can go inland to visit the Mamora forest- with cork trees, eucalyptus trees and even woods of pines and pear trees, and then there are the caves of Friouato –where you can reach an underground depth of 100m where you’ll see the stalagmites and stalactites and other strange rock formations.

Ok then, now we’re heading to the mountains of Morocco! And here it’s all about pure adrenaline be it on its snowy slopes, its rock faces for free-climbing and endless hiking, mountaineering and mountain biking routes.

Next stop the dessert, but not before taking a visit to the Ouzoud waterfalls - which is probably one of the most captivating natural places in the country. You could find yourself doing fun activities like camelback riding through the amazing dunes of the desert or skiing down the dunes of extremely fine sand….. and with this our introduction to morocco ends..

We’re ready to leave right now!!

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