Cinque Terre

Liguria is a thin strip of land, caught between a sapphire blue sea and the dark green of the Alps and the Apennines, that extends from the region of La Spezia and that of Imperia for about 315 km of the Italian coast. It’s shaped like an thin arch between the sea and the sky. The region of Leguria can be spit up into 5 smaller regions: Riviera dei Fiori, Riviera delle Palme, Genova, Tigullio and Genovesato and the Cinqueterre and the Golfo dei Poeti.

Its vicinity to the sea and fact that it’s protected from the northern winds leave Liguria with a particularly mild climate and can grow many flowers, olive trees and vines. Liguria alternates from its beautiful natural landscapes to its amazing manmade works: its little towns huddled on the hills, the thin multicoloured houses lined up over the steep cliffs that have amazing views, marvellous villas on the coast, historical dwellings that hold enchanting gardens, parks, orchards, as well as its  many monuments and castles which make up the cultural heritage of the region. Many towns in Liguria have received prestigious acknowledgements: 13 Orange Flags, a mark of quality tourism areas, are waved over this region and another 13 small towns are considered to be some most beautiful in Italy.

An imaginary route brings us through the varied cuisine of this region, a cuisine that has given origin to some famous recipes, a gastronomy that has been able to harmonise the flavour of the woodland, of the orchards and the sea. Each town boasts its very own speciality, dishes to be tasted and discovered in the agritourisms, restaurants, cellars and mills that propose Ligurian dishes such as “cappon magro”, fish tripudio, shellfish, seafood, vegetables, pine kernel and olives - panissa di ceci (chickpea-based polenta), pissaladiera, zimino, cima alla Genovese (boiled beef) – cretaing true blend of meats and vegetables – trofie pasta with pesto,  castagnaccio cake and marzipan desserts.

Liguria provides the chance to experience an original kind of holiday for those who love natural and outdoor sports.This open-air “playground” is an ideal place for an active holiday any month of the year. It’s a region perfect for mountain biking and trekking, with its trekking trails that run alongside the cycling paths and mountain paths that gently cross the Alps and Apennines, boasting enviable locations for free-climbing with its cliffs that come straight up from the sea like Finale Ligure e il Muzzerone as well as its amazing itineraries for ski mountaineering between the Maritime alps and the Mercantour Park, and a haven for skippers too as they can freely sail on the Ligurian sea.The region of Liguria, thanks to Campo Base holidays, will improve you definition of wellbeing!

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