Greece: Dodecanese islands


Foaming blue waterfalls, crystal-clear seas, sunny beaches, taverns and bars on characteristic squares, sleeping cats in the shade, archaeological sites that testify its important history. After saying all this, it’s not difficult to guess where we’re going: Welcome to Greece, and its many islands!

Out of the 6000 wonderful islands spread all over the Aegean and Ionic Seas, about 200 of them are located to the east of Greece, in front of the Turkish coast and are collectively called the Dodecanese Islands. These landmasses carry the signs of important historical events: the archaeological sites dating back to the classical ages, the fortified castles of the templar knights of  Saint John, the medieval walls on the seafront, the mosques and minarets that demonstrate the Turkish domination. The climate of the Dodecanese Islands is extremely pleasant, with the winters being particularly mild and the summers being relatively cool, due to the Meltemi winds that come from the north that blow constantly from June to September.

There are twelve main islands: Rhodes– being the largest of all, Kos – the birthplace of Hippocrates, Astypalaia – famous for its Venetian castle, Karpathos with the town of  Olymbos – interesting place for archaeologists , ethnologists and anthropologists , Kassos – a  charming, small island full of cliffs and with a lot of history, Kastellorizo – was the enchanting location for the film “Mediterraneo” (1991)by Gabriele Salvatores, Leros – a small mountainous island, Kalimnos – land of the sponges, Nisyros – a volcanic island full of thermal springs and marvellous walks, Symi  with its Knights castle, Patmos – a volcanic island notorious for its sacred church of Aghios Ioanis Theologos and Tilos from where the first colonies left for Sicily to form that became known as Magna Grecia.

Although one of these islands stores a wonderful surprise for all the enthusiasts of rock-climbing, and that is the island of Kalymnos which is a very famous climbing area and has over 2000 vertical climbing routes in limestone rock. Rock faces that have always been hated by the islanders considering them to be a curse from God, that while creating the Earth He would have “ only thrown stones in the direction of  Kalymnos” – though now they have magically turned into amazing climbing walls that are notorious all over the world, like Arhi, Grande Grotta, Odissey, Spartacus, Panorama, Ghost Kitchen which are all five-star climbing sectors, that make climbing on this island unique.

After a long day “ on the rocks” and a regenerating dip in the sea, the evening is spent on the verandas of Pubs or Inns enjoying meals of mezedes, moussakà, fish and salads, while watching the sunset go down behind the small island of Telendos.

You can experience the thrills of climbing in this international “Mecca for rock-climbers” with the assistance of Campo Base.

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