Croatia is young country but full of history and traditions, small yet wide-ranging.

Croatia has over 5000 km of jagged coastline and hundreds of islands which are packed with beaches, isolated bays and enchanting coves, along with many little ports that bring us back in time but also allow for a safe mooring. Croatia isn’t just about the sea, just a short walk inland you can fine lively cultural centres that are beautiful and cities of art such as the walled city of Dubrovnik and Spalato with its venetian touch.

The National Parks are worth visiting, like the National Park of Laghi di Plitvice with its sixteen lakes all at different highs and all connected by waterfalls, the National Park of Paklenica which is famous destination in Croatia for hiking and rock-climbing with it’s combination of maoutains, canyons and sea, the area presents also many geomorphologic phenomenon and is a haven for plants and animals alike.  

Croatia is a perfect destination for carrying out outdoor sports, with its limestone rock faces which are a dream for all climbers, a beautiful sea for all aquatic sports, from scuba diving to sailing and kayaking.

On these holidays organized by Campo Base you’ll have the chance to try all these activities, in a sailing boat we’ll go discovering the Dalmatian coast, also known as the “Jewel of the Adriatic sea” from its coast to its cities and numerous islands such as Hvar, the longest island in the Adriatic sea, and Brac. Then after throwing the anchor in any of the crystal-clear bays the days will be spent climbing cliffs over the sea, regenerating swims in the clear waters and enjoying magical sunsets while rocking on the waves.

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