Winter landscape in Carinzia

A trip to Austria means finding yourself in a land full of culture and history, having been part of the Austrian Hungarian Empire – its scenery is that of the enchanting love story between Princess Sissi and Emperor Franz - not forgetting that’s also the country of infamous composers such as Mozart and Hayden.

Austria is quintessentially renowned for its imperial architecture, dating back to the Habsburgs of Vienna, as well as visit to the capital itself, it’s also worth visiting the historical centre which has been built in the Baroque style of Salzburg, the Swarovski museum, the city of Innsbruck with its famous Golden Roof, all of which can be admired on a beautiful alpine backdrop.

In each one of these cities you’ll have the chance to taste a range of cuisine based on its geographical position: because of its history within the traditional Austrian cuisine you’ll  also find a dash of Hungarian flavours and even some Italian influence like the “cotoletta alla Milanese” which has been renamed the Wiener Schnitzel), and Bohemian too, and then in the western regions German. Though a taste of the authentic national cuisine is a must so down turn down the chance in ordering a nice slice of Sachertorte, the chocolate flavoured cake which is famous worldwide.

Then to help you digest you can take a nice walk, or for those who feel up for it even a healthy hike in any of the many protected parks of Austria, from the shores of the Pannonian lake in Neusiedler See national park to the marvellous hiking route you’ll find in the Alti Tauri National Park.

During the summer you’ll be captivated by the crystal-clear lakes immersed in natural settings, while in the winter months it transforms itself into a snowy paradise where you can spend all your time on skis!

The regions of Tirolo, Carinzia and Stiria are some of the most sought-after destinations for winter sports enthusiasts.

The mountains of these regions really do have particularly favourable snow conditions due to their altitude and exposition to the sun which preserves the snow for a longer period of time, and are ideal places for ski mountaineering right up to springtime.

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