The region of Abruzzo can be summed up with the words “Nature and Passion”, thanks to its extensive parks, reserves, oasis, biotopes and its protected sea at Torre del Cerrano – which all together cover 36% of the region- this region prides itself in being the greenest region in all Europe. Unique also in its geographical layout that goes from the block of rock of mount Gran Sasso – also called the “ sleeping giant” due to the profile of the mountains – to the smooth rock faces of Maiella, to the karst highlands of Sirente-Velino, to the woodlands and waterfalls of the torrents flowing down from the Laga Mountains. Then the Apennines gradually slope down towards the sea forming its coast, creating 133 km of coastline of sandy beaches and cliffs washed by a wonderful sea.

The integrated network of Parks and natural reserves – due to its variety of ecosystems and to it extensive surface area – guarantee the presence of rare flowers and animals: for example the brown bear, the European otter, the wolf, the lynx, the griffin and the chamois of Abruzzo have all made this region their home.

Going inland from the coast there is an endless natural scenery and much more, like closed off towns huddled up on steep slopes, historical centres, castles, abbeys and hermitages, lakes and archaeological areas. It’s this variety of places and landscapes that is what satisfies the most demanding of its visitors: go an adventure into the mountains in search of ancient monasteries, a thrilling route to find canyons and caves – like the “grotta del Cavallone”, a cultural visit to churches and palaces in small towns or historical cities, like Aquila e Sulmona.

A stop in one of the many agritourisms, restaurants or inns would give you the chance to try the flavours and smells of the traditional cuisine of Abruzzo, dishes that play on their genuine local food products. The first course of pasta, surely cooked by the owner, of “maccheroni alla chitarra” and  “maltagliati” delisciuos when served with fresh bean soup; the second course: the  “arrosticini”, skewered mutton or lamb grilled, lamb “al cotturo” or else lamb “cacio e ovo”, or a tasty fish chowder. These dishes are served with Prezza artichokes, very rare Frattura beans and excellent cheeses seasoned with hot peppers or truffles. And a glass of a renown local wine like Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Cerasuolo and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo brings out the flavour even more

The outdoor sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice, let it be a steep hike to reach the peak of Corno Piccolo, horse riding along the designated horses trails, a dip in the fresh waters of the rivers, a thermal bath in the sulphurous waters of the Caramanico Thermal Spa as well as hand-gliding or paragliding on Morrone Mountain, mountain biking, canoeing and even windsurfing or sailing.

In wintertime and under a blanket of snow, Abruzzo becomes an ideal and charming place for a winter holiday: zigzagging down the ski slopes of Roccaraso or Ovindoli-Magnola, doing cross-country skiing in the plateau of Campo Imperatore or ski mountaineering on side of  Monte Camicia.

With Campo Base you can try a week of ski mountaineering on the mountains of Abruzzo, from Corno Grande to the Gran Sasso or to Mount Sibillini and Mount Vettore. The combination of so many things is what makes the difference; the Mediterranean landscapes along with snowy views, and just book into in one of the many mountain lodges or agritourisms located in enchanting remote areas where you can enjoy amazing sunrises and sunsets that reflect a pink tinge on the rocks of the mountains of Abruzzo; in a nut shell? An unforgettable holiday experience!

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