Hiking in Stelvio National Park

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Val di Rabbi - Saent waterfalls
Val di Rabbi - Saent waterfalls

Hiking through the alpine valleys of Stelvio National Park is also a journey through the regions of Trentino and Alto Adige across valleys and wonderful alpine landscapes.

The natural scenery varies constantly, from meadows of flowers on the valley floors, to the pastures of the mountains farms, to the sparkling waters of the torrents and waterfalls, then climbing to the snowy valleys and to the lakes formed at  the base of the glaciers.

Excursions over six days consisting of hiking from one mountain cabin to another while exploring the valleys of Val di Rabbi, Val di Peio and Val Martello, while based in cosy and homely mountain refuges.


  • Hiking excursions in Stelvio National Park
  • A week of excursions going from refuge to refuge through the valleys of Val di Rabbi, Val Martello e Val di Peio
  • Precious alpine environments and area in high altitude within Trentino and Alto Adige
Starting at: € 485,00
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1.     Malè / meeting with the Campo Base Team / Mountain Guide UIAGM, Haselgruber Hutte

2.     Haselgruber Hutte / Gleck Spitze / Dorigoni Hutte trip

3.     Dorigoni Hutte / Vorderer Rotspitz / Marteller Hutte

4.     Marteller Hutte / Passo della Forcola / Larcher Hutte

5.     Larcher Hutte / Cevedale Lakes / Dorigoni Hutte

6.     Dorigoni Hutte / Alpe di Campisol Aut / return in Val di Rabbi


Next dates: 23.06.18 - 15.09.18
Hiking in Stelvio National Park
Hiking in Stelvio National Park

Programme Details 

  • SUNDAY  – VAL DI SOLE / MALE', AT 10 a.m.: meeting with the Mountain Guides and transfer to Val di Rabbi and the climb to Haselgruber Hutte (2435 m a.s.l.) 
  • MONDAY – VAL DI RABBI: Haselgruber Hutte - Gleck and Schwarzejoch (2822 m a.s.l.) - Dorigoni Hutte (2463 m a.s.l.) 
  • TUESDAY - VAL DI RABBI / VAL MARTELLO: Dorigoni Hutte - Vorderer Rotspitz (3033 m a.s.l.)  - Marteller Hutte (2610 m a.s.l.)
  • WEDNESDAY – VAL MARTELLO / VAL DI PEIO: easy climb along the glacier Forcola until reaching the Forcola Pass (3032 m a.s.l.) – then descent to Cevedale Hutte (2607 m a.s.l.)  in Val di Peio
  • THURSDAY - VAL DI PEIO / VAL DI RABBI: Cevedale Hutte- Cevedale Lakes - Careser Lake(2603 m a.s.l.) - Careser glacier - Dorigoni Hutte (2436 m a.s.l.)
  • FRIDAY - VAL DI RABBI: Dorigoni Hutte - Alpe di Campisol Aut (2445 m a.s.l.) - Val di Rabbi -  departure to the various destinations

Additional Clarifications

The programme could be changed at the discretion of the Campo Base Team / Mountain Guide – UIAGM based on the weather conditions and snow levels, however maintaining the basic structure of the and objectives of the proposition.

Meeting Point

  • Malè - Trentino – Mountain Guide’s Office, Val di Sole at 10 a.m.

Difficulty and technical preparation

  • Medium
  • Ascent gradient – 800 / 1000 daily
  • Maximum altitude reached: 3121 m
  • Daily commitment –  6 / 7 hours

Equipment and clothing required

  • Hiking boots
  • Mountain wear along with windcheater and a change of underwear
  • Gloves and cap
  • Backpack and water bottle
  • Sleeping bag

All equipment can be hired – just contact Campo Base

…further recommended equipment 

  • Camera
  • Sun cream and sunglasses

Required travelling documents

  • Identification document/ Passport
  • Campo Base Voucher
Hiking in Stelvio National Park
Hiking in Stelvio National Park

Included Services

  • 5 nights in a mountain chalet -  half board (drinks excluded)
  • 6 days accompanied by Mountain Guides / UIAGM / that speak English
  • Assistance from Campo Base and its team for the whole week

Excluded Services

  • Management practice fee € 20
  • Sleeping bag sheet - on request € 10
  • Cancellation and medical insurance (on request)
  • Roundtrip Malè Rabbi by public transports
  • Everything else that is not mentioned in Included services
Hospitality in alpine refuges - Rifugio Dorigoni
Hospitality in alpine refuges - Rifugio Dorigoni

…and here some Base Camps while hiking in Stelvio National Park!

Rifugio Dorigoni

This mountain refuge located within the Stelvio National Park, at an altitude of 2436 m.a.s.l, is an ideal place for hiking at high altitudes.

Alta Val Saent
Val di Rabbi (Trentino)

Alpine lodges

Rifugio Cevedale "Guido Larcher"

This mountain refuge is located within the Stelvio National Park, at an altitude of 2.607 m, ideal for excursions and springtime ski mountaineering.

Val Venezia
Val di Peio (Trentino)

Alpine lodges
Sunrise from Monte Vioz in Trentino

Prices per person

23.06.18 - 15.09.18;10;€ 485,00;323.06.18 - 15.09.18;8;€ 535,00;323.06.18 - 15.09.18;6;€ 620,00;323.06.18 - 15.09.18;4;€ 795,00;323.06.18 - 15.09.18;2;€ 1290,00;3
Participants 6 days / 5 nights Availability
23.06.18 - 15.09.18 10 € 485,00 On request
23.06.18 - 15.09.18 8 € 535,00 On request
23.06.18 - 15.09.18 6 € 620,00 On request
23.06.18 - 15.09.18 4 € 795,00 On request
23.06.18 - 15.09.18 2 € 1290,00 On request

SELF-GUIDED HIKING (including info - sleeping bag linen - maps - reservation of the huts - assistance. Excluding mountain guide ) € 355,00 per person

…for any other requests just send us an email at info@campobase.travel – and we will reply as soon as possible!

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