Rifugio Mantova al Vioz

Alpine lodges

    • Val di Peio, Trentino, Italy
    • 57 beds / Half board
    • Open from 21th June / 15th September
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    Overall View

    The Vioz Refuge - which is owned by SAT (Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini) – is situated at an amazing altitude of  3.535 m a.s.l. and boasts a very important record: it’s the highest mountain refuge in all the Western Alps. It’s located on a flat rocky area at the foot of the ridge that leads up to Mount Vioz and due to its dominating position offers a 360° panorama: from the Brenta Dolomites to the Ademello Group – from Presanella, S. Matteo al Tresero, Bernina al Monte Rosa, Gran Zebrù of Ortles, Cevedale right up to the Fassa Dolomites.

    Looking over a sea of clouds with a sunset that tinges the surrounding peaks with an enchanting pink glow, the crispy mountain air, the peace and quiet…. these are just some of the things that will leave you speechless.

    The running of a mountain refuge is never an easy task but when a refuge is situated at an altitude of 3.535 m the difficulties and problems are a little more complex: let it be for the distance from the valley or the weather conditions which at this altitude can be often unfavourable, so for these very reasons the people that stay up there to run it need to have an even stronger love and passion of this kind of lifestyle. This is the case of the Casanova family that have passed down this passion form one generation to the next, from the uncles Enrico and Oreste to the parents Renato and Teresa and now to Mario  and his family: Luciana and young children Nicolò and Agnese.

    The refuge can hold a total of sixty people, subdivided into multiple bedrooms of 2/4/8 beds. The rooms are comfortable with cosy wooden beds and warm blankets. The bar and the dining hall welcome excursionists with a homely reception.

    Flavours & Traditions

    After you get your breath back after a long day outdoors it’s time to eat something warm and tasty, like the local barley soup, canederli (large bread dumplings), beef stew or melted cheese with polenta, or salted meat with beans and then for dessert the choice isn’t easy: a slice of strudel or sachertorte?

    Location & Activities

    The Vioz Refuge is situated in the valley of Val di Peio at an altitude of 3.535 m and can be reached on foot on about 4 hours from the Doss dei Cembri Refuge (2.315 m | where the chair lift arrives – cable car from Peio Fonti). After having climbed up the crag over the Doss dei Cembri Refuge – and linking up again with the 105 trail – the route slowing starts gaining altitude, with a constant slope on a well indicated trail. Then at 3.206 m you’ll reach Brich, a short crossing fitted with a fixed rope, after which you’ll reach the Refuge Vioz.

    The Vioz Refuge is the perfect base camp both for excursionists, that want to feel the thrills of reaching over 3.000m in altitude, and mountaineers looking for mountain crossings. The refuge is also the assistance point for some of the most wonderful mountain crossings found in the  Ortles - Cevedale group, such as the Tredici Cime and the Traversata Vioz - Cevedale.

    There are even many important pieces of evidence here regarding the First World War that was fought in between these majestic peaks.

    And remember that Mario, with his experience and detailed knowledge of the surrounding territory, will be able to advise you in whatever interests you the most.

    Equipped in the following way:


    • Bunk beds
    • Wooden floors
    • Blankets

    For understandable hygienic and ecological/environmental reasons, mountaineers and excursionists are asked to bring their very own personal sheet-sack for sleeping in.

    Communal Bathrooms

    • Coin showers


    • Towel-dryer
    • Small library
    • Restaurant open at midday
    • Bar

    The Campo Base Team recommends Rifugio Vioz for….

    • Families
    • Couples
    • Groups of friends and posses
    • Excursionists and mountaineers

    Where we are

    Rifugio Vioz
    Rifugio Vioz is located at an altitude of 3.535 m is the highest refuge of the Western Alps, which makes it ideal for excursions in high altitude.

    Alta Val di Peio
    Val di Peio (Trentino) Italia

    GPS coordinates for Vioz Refuge

    • ALT 3535
    • N
    • EO

    Access routes and excursions

    • Val di Peio, Peio Fonti – cable lift up to Refuge Doss dei Cembri – along the trail - 4 hours
    • Mount Cevedale (3769 m) - 5.30 hours
    • Casati Refuge (3524 m) with ascent to Mount Cevedale - 7.30 hours
    • Point of San Matteo – 7 hours
    • Branca Refuge for the Forni Glacier - 4 hours


    General Conditions

    • Prices for one person per night
    • Sleeping bag sheet is required - it may be purchased on site
    • No smoking allowed


    • Cash
    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit Card – Visa / MasterCard
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