Rifugio Dorigoni

Alpine lodges

    • Val di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
    • 80 beds / Half-board
    • Open from 21th june - 2th september
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    Overall View

    The Dorigoni Mountain Refuge– which is owned by SAT (Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini) -  is a mountain refuge situated at an altitude of 2436 m.a.s.l  in Alta Val di Saent, which is an impressive alpine valley found within the Stelvio National Park. This mountain refuge is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The warm welcome given by the Iachelini family, that run it, along with the friendly hospitality of this accommodating facility, make it an ideal foothold for excursions, walks and biking  trips, going from one mountain refuge to the next all in high altitude.  

    It can accommodate a total of eighty people at a time and is subdivided into some multiple rooms along with a spacious mansard. All the rooms offer maximum comfort thanks to the larch wood cladding, the cozy wooden bunk beds, the comfortable mattresses and soft duvets. The dining room, heated by the fire of a wood stove, is a wonderful place to taste some of the typical dishes that the kitchen proposes and for spending moments of fun and laughter.

    It is also complete with seven toilet facilities and two coin showers for warm showers.

    Flavours & Traditions

    One of the strong points of this refuge is definitely its extremely refined cuisine, with flavours that mirror the genuine local traditions in delicacies such as speck Knödels, thick barley soup, mushroom and barley orzetto, polenta and local beef stew, grilled cheeses and cold plates of cured meats and local cheeses. After which you can’t say no to a slice of  chocolate cake or apple Strule, or even some natural yogurt with fruits of the forest, finishing up with a good coffee and a glass of local grappa.

    Location & Activities

    The Dorigoni mountain refuge is located in the valley of Val di Rabbi in Alta Val di Saent at an altitude of 2436 m.a.s.l. and accessible on foot from Val di Rabbi in about three hours (with a climb of 900 metres) following the 106 trail.

    The fatigue of the climb up to the refuge is well worth its while for the wonderful views and enchanting sceneries it has, as well as some unexpected features like the wild and sparkling waterfalls of Saent, the meadows full of marmots at Prà di Saent, the Sentiero degli Alpinisti (the mountaineers’ trail) that twists along the flourished slopes of the surrounding mountains and where Chamois can be often seen, then not to mention the peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain group that seem to clash into the clear blue sky.

    On reaching the refuge and after having a reviving meal, an afternoon of fun is guaranteed with “Saent's dynamic skills” obstacle course that entails activities such as the Tyrolean crossing of the Rabbies Torrent, climbing on a smooth or vertical rock faces of varying difficulty (going from grade 3 to grade 8) and testing your balance on the slack line. Then if anyone would like to go for a nature walk the Laghi Sternai trail is really ideal, being a closed circuit route that highlights the geological peculiarity.

    Dorigoni Refuge is a solid foothold for doing hikes that go from one mountain refuge to the next within the Stelvio National Park and excursions in high altitude such as, the climb to Sternai peak following the Vedretta trail which is a fitted route with indications in the form of small stone men statues, the mountain crossing to reach the Larcher refuge over the Careser Glacier following a recently outlined route.

    Equipped in the following way:


    • Bunk beds
    • Wooden floors
    • Duvets

    For understandable hygienic and ecological/environmental reasons, mountaineers and excursionists are asked to bring their very own personal sheet-sack for sleeping in.

    Communal Bathrooms

    • Coin showers                          
    • Hairdryer


    • Wireless internet
    • Small pets allowed on request
    • Towel-dryer
    • Small library
    • Restaurant open at midday

    The Campo Base Team recommends Rifugio Dorigoni for….

    • Families
    • Camping trips for children
    • Couples
    • Groups of friends and posses
    • Excursionists and mountaineers
    • Team building

    Where we are

    Dorigoni Mountain Refuge
    This mountain refuge located within the Stelvio National Park, at an altitude of 2436 m.a.s.l, is an ideal place for hiking at high altitudes.

    Alta Val Saent
    Val di Rabbi (Trentino) Italy

    GPS coordinates for Rifugio Dorigoni

    • ALT
    • N
    • EO

    How far is it from…

    • Valley floor: Coler district in Val di Rabbi - 3.30hrs
    • Naturalistic trail of Laghi Sternai - 2hrs
    • Larcher refuge at Cevedale, 2608m a.s.l. along the Vedretta del Càreser – 6hrs
    • Nino Corsi refuge (Zufàll-Hütte) in Val Martello (Martell-Tal) m a.s.l.  2265 - 7hrs
    • Umberto Canziani refuge at Lago Verde m. 2561 m a.s.l.  - 4hrs
    • Lago Corvo refuge, 2425 m a.s.l. - 3.30hrs
    • Summit of Cima Rossa di Saènt (Hintere Roth-Spitze) 3347 m a.s.l.  -  3hrs
    • Summit of Cima Sternai, 3443 m a.s.l.  – 5hrs


    General Conditions

    • Prices for one person per night
    • Sleeping bag sheet is required - it may be purchased on site
    • No smoking allowed


    • Cash
    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit Card – Visa / MasterCard
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