Rifugio Cevedale "Guido Larcher"

Alpine lodges

    • Val di Peio, Trentino, Italy
    • 80 beds / Half board
    • Open from 21th June – 22th  September | Spring opening for ski-mountaineering
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    Overall View

    The Larcher Refuge - which is owned by SAT (Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini) - is a mountain refuge situated at an altitude of 2.607 m in the valley of Val Venezia within the Stelvio National Park, and is located right beside some of the most beautiful peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain group: Mount Cevedale, Zufallspitze, the Palon de la Mare and Mount Viòz.

    After more than 45 years of running this mountain refuge it becomes your home and part of you daily life, and this is exactly the case with the Casanova family- that have been running this refuge since 1967. During your stay in this refuge you’ll also have the chance to meet the people who ran the facility before the Casanova family, Laura and Oreste (Picozza d'Oro 2006) that still collaborate actively to this day, along with Manuel and Fabiana who are crucial to the actual organisation, and of course young Samuele who could maybe run the refuge one day!

    This mountain refuge – recently renovated in 2009 –  can sleep eighty people, it is divided up into multiple bedrooms of 6/8/12 beds. The bedrooms are finished in wood and are heated and there are bunk beds and warm blankets. The bar and dining hall, which are cosy and elegantly furnished, offer a warm welcome in excursionists after a day out in the open with a cool beer and a tasty meal.

    Thanks to the recent renovation of the refuge it will now be open even in the Spring for ski-mountaineering mainly during the months of March and April.

    Flavours & Traditions

    After a nice excursion or an ascent up into high altitude you’ll be sure to be famished so don’t be shy at the dinner table! You can try the delicious local barley soup or canederli (large bread dumplings) or polenta and beef stew, along with numerous other dishes of the local “Solandra” and Trentino cuisine. Remember that after a long day of physical fatigue in the mountains there is absolutely no need to feel guilty if you decide to taste a scrumptious slice of chocolate cake, apple strudel or jam tart!

    Location & Activities

    The Larcher Refuge is located in the valley of Val di Peio at an altitude of 2607m and can be reached on foot from the car park of Malga Mare within a couple of hours along an easy hiking trail (sent. 102 – with 600 m ascent). The sharp peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain group that cut the blue sky will captivate you while you ascend the trail along with its streams, glaciers and moraines.

    The Larcher Refuge is an ideal base camp for both hiking from one refuge to the other or ascents in high altitude: the climb up to Mount Cevedale and Zuffalspitze with the possibility of descending then to the Casati Refuge in Val Cedec, the mountain crossing in Val Martello through the Forcola Pass or in over the Careser Glacier in Rabbi Valley following a recently laid mountain trail.


    Equipped in the following way:


    • Bunk beds
    • Wooden floors
    • Blankets

    For understandable hygienic and ecological/environmental reasons, mountaineers and excursionists are asked to bring their very own personal sheet-sack for sleeping in.

    Communal Bathrooms

    • Coin showers                          


    • Towel-dryer
    • Small library
    • Restaurant open at midday
    • Bar
    • Spring opening for ski mountaineering

    The Campo Base Team recommends Rifugio Larcher for….

    • Families
    • Camping trips for children
    • Couples
    • Groups of friends and posses
    • Excursionists and mountaineers

    Where we are

    Rifugio Larcher
    This mountain refuge is located within the Stelvio National Park, at an altitude of 2.607 m, ideal for excursions, outings in high altitude and springtime ski mountaineering.
    Val Venezia
    Val di Peio (Trentino) Italy

    GPS coordinates for Rifugio Lacher

    • ALT 2607
    • N 46°43.692'
    • EO 10°66.595'

    Access routes and excursions

    • Val di Peio, Malga Mare car park -  2 hours
    • Mount Cevedale (3769 m) -  4.30 hours
    • Casati Refuge (3524 m) with climb up to Mount Cevedale - 6.30 hours
    • Dorigoni Refuge m. 2436 for the Vedretta of Càreser - 6 hours
    • Nino Corsi (Zufàll-Hütte) Refuge in Val Martello (Martell-Tal) m. 2265 - 5 hours
    • Venezie Peaks m. 3347 - 4.30 hours


    General Conditions

    • Prices for one person per night
    • Sleeping bag sheet is required - it may be purchased on site
    • No smoking allowed


    • Cash
    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit Card – Visa / MasterCard
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