Our Base Camps in Trentino

Mas de la Bolp, Chalet in Val di Rabbi

These are the typical alpine chalets where our forefathers dedicated their lives to the old traditions of farming and the breeding of livestock,  now renovated and fitted with all the modern comforts imaginable to make sure you enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of Stelvio National Pack.

These apartments are built into traditional alpine homes, often within the actual buildings where the owners themselves live. The love the locals have  for the Valley of Val di Sole also make them ideal “consultants” for you when planning your holidays in Trentino.

Here you will find yourselves in direct contact with the real spirit of the mountains. They are all ideal places from where you can depart for of an array of thrilling adventures, or either humble basecamps where you can spend the night and then wake up to the enchanting colours of the sunrise.

A warm welcoming, great attention to details and genuine food products are just some of the characteristics of all these Base Camps, and each one is proudly run by the family owners.

Un ottimo compromesso tra soggiorno in Casa Vacanza ed in Hotel: i nostri Residence -tutti di recente costruzione- offrono una vasta serie di servizi, garantendo una vacanza di comfort e relax in totale libertà ed indipendenza!

An ideal compromise between a vacation in Holiday House and Hotel: our Residence - all newly built- offer a wide range of services, ensuring a holiday of comfort and relaxation in total freedom and independence!

All the accommodating facilities have 3 to 4 stars, and we propose a wide range of hotels as to satisfy your every need. The cuisine offered in these places will allow you enjoy some of the main local dishes, the rooms fitted entirely in pine wood were built on purpose to make you feel part of the  Alpine way of life!  

They are all Base Camps which would be ideal for groups of friends, company meetings and any other kind of big event. Accommodating structures that are distinguishing feature as to guarantee its guests a unique sort of holiday that they will never forget!

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