Demis Centi / Mountain Guide

Campo Base Team: Demis Centi - Guida Alpina
Campo Base Team: Demis Centi - Mountain Guide

Demis is an Mountain Guide of Trentino, living in the Alto Garda Trentino area, and is a free- climbing and skiing enthusiast and loves going on genuine trips. His heart has been won over by the trekking he did in Ethiopia, South Africa, Nepal, Pakistan, India, South American, and by the Diamond Coluar of Mount Kenya and the rocky cliffs of Baffin Island. He has regularly climbed the Indian Himalayas, the highlands of Madagascar, Indonesia and South America such as Alpamayo, Artensorajo, Ojos del Salado and Aconcagua.

Collaborating with Campo Base by creating active programmes related to free-climbing, via ferrata trips, canyoning and mountain biking in the Alto Garda Trentino area and on the Island of Sardinia.

The incredible knowledge Demis has of the mountains together with his enthusiasm for travellingis the main force behind our trekking programmes in Ethiopia and ski mountaineering excursions in Morocco, Norway and Turkey.

“… I was nine years old, with a helmet on and the climbing rope pressed against my nose, from then on I stayed close to the mountains, on my tippy toes and with climbing shoes that became ever tighter!

Having climbing shoes, ropes, skis and picks always with me, there is no such thing as enterprises or crazy attempts just great adventures!”

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