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Cecilia Iachelini

Cecilia Iachelini - Campo Base Team
Cecilia Iachelini - Campo Base Team

After graduating with a degree in Tourism Economics at the University of Bologna I went on to study Economics & Business at the University of Trento.

I then went on to manage a Thermal Spa in Trentino for a short period of time and later worked for a tourist office in Trento, where I dedicated myself to the planning and organisation of mountain activities, eventually qualifying as Technical Manager after the relative examinations.

For nearly thirtyfive years now, my family and I have managed the Dorigoni mountain lodge inVal di Rabbi - located in the Stelvio National Park - where hospitality, tradition and innovation have always been and remain our strong points.

Furthermore, I recently opened a small guest facility in Trentino named the Mas de la Bolp Chalet, an all-encompassing and far-sighted project stemming from a new idea for the development and valorisation of a small alpine area such as the Val di Rabbi, which was taken on with enthusiasm, determination, a touch of optimism and plenty of courage on behalf of all of us.

I am also a qualified Hiking Guide and Tourist Guide.

I also speak English and German, refined by frequent trips abroad, and I have a good knowledge of the French language.

I enjoy and practice a variety of activities linked to the mountain environment: from nature walks to snow-shoeing, from free-climbing to ski-touring, from hiking to free-ride skiing!

I have an innovative and invaluable experience in the field of organisation and planning of conventions and meetings of various nature.

Federico Piazza

Federico Piazza - Campo Base Team
Federico Piazza - Campo Base Team

After graduating from high school in Trento I attended Economics at the university in the same city.  However, I grew up in my grandparents’ hotel in Val di Sole, occupying various roles which allowed me to gain knowledge and understand the flow and finer workings of tourism within the Valley.

For some time I had been toying with the idea of setting up aTour Operator dedicated to the demands of incoming tourism in the Val di Sole area and as luck would have it I met Cecilia, now my colleague, with whom I share numerous ideas in this field.

I previously worked with a Tourist Office in Trentino and, when the business was transferred to another Province, I jumped at the possibility of dedicating myself to my own project, my very own creation.

I speak English and am currently working at improving my knowledge of German.

I am a ski-touring enthusiast and generally enjoy and practice any sport linked with the mountain environment.


Daniela Pegolotti

Daniela Pegolotti - Campo Base Team
Daniela Pegolotti - Campo Base Team

I have a degree in Project and Management of Cultural Tourism from the University of Padua.

While I was studying I carried out many seasonal jobs and internships which gave me the chance to get some insight on the various aspects of local tourism, for which I’ve always shown a great interest, and is the reality I live and work in now.

I’ve always felt the need to improve my knowledge of my region, something which has pushed me even further in making my dream come true, which is that of developing the tourism of the valley of Val di Sole and letting it be discovered in an authentic and sustainable way.

Becoming part of Campo Base Team has therefore represented a great opportunity, where you can share ideas and projects in an innovative way.

As well as that, I speak good English and I’m constantly in the process of perfecting my German.

I like to get involved in any kind of sport that is linked to the mountains, in particular I like hiking, free-climbing and ski-touring!

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