Our philosophy

Campo Base project
Campo Base project

Campo Base is a new and dynamic type of tour operator that offers, in add to the traditional travel agency services, services such as activities in the mountains, adventure trips and active holidays.   

We were born and bred in the Trentino region and continue to work here; Val di Sole is our home.

The main reasons behind the starting up and developing of Campo Base, along with the support from the Project Leader of Val di Sole, stem from our true passion for the Trentino culture, the mountains and genuine trips.

It’s a project that covers a wide area and aims at connecting the information and communication technologies with the creating and running of an incoming tourism sector dedicated to Val di Sole,holidays in Trentino and to the mountain experience in general, not to mention adventure trips and active holidays in Europe as well as around the world.

All our offers are strongly rooted to the local territory and its culture, which are the elements that essentially make up the central frame of  the services we offer.

We expect that our guests and holidaymakers are people with character that can welcome, understand and respect the proposals we offer.

The holiday experiences and ideas that we put forward - or the ones personally tailored by you – are defined by their genuineness, personalisation, imagination, flexibility and quality of service, the facilities and assistance.

Professionalism and enthusiasm are definitely the strong points of our projects.

We believe that travelling is like dreaming, and that people don’t take trips… trips take people, as written by Allen Poe and John Steinbeck.



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